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Cat Scratch Protector Sticker
Cat Scratch Protector Sticker
Cat Scratch Protector Sticker
Cat Scratch Protector Sticker
Cat Scratch Protector Sticker
Cat Scratch Protector Sticker
Cat Scratch Protector Sticker

Cat Scratch Protector Sticker

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The Cat Scratch Protector Eliminates Cat┬á­čś╝┬áScratch Damage

This cat sofa anti-scratching guard, also called the sofa furniture protector, can protect the interior decoration, doors, sofas, screens, and wood products and prevent the cat's claw from getting hurt from the scratching. The industrial-grade thick transparent vinyl pressure-sensitive adhesive backing is easy to use and harmless to the furniture.

Multi-functional Protective Sticker: The furniture scratching guard can be used on any furniture. Whether it's a sofa, a chair, a carpet, a wall, a mattress, or a car seat, this guard protects them from pet cats.

Transparent Protective Layer: The furniture scratch-proof guard is perfectly integrated with the furniture and provides a nearly invisible protective layer to prevent the cat from scratching. And it does not damage the appearance of the furniture.

Durable and Flexible: These pet scratch protectors are made of high quality, durable, flexible, and transparent vinyl. The protective cover is very thick and provides good protection for your furniture. In addition, it has sufficient flexibility to bend at the corner of the furniture to accommodate different shape changes.

Easy to Use: The scratching guard itself is sticky, so the leather sofa does not need to pierce and damage the leather, and does not leave any pinholes. The set contains 20 nails for easy use on fabric sofas, and you can cut them to size as needed.

Removable Guard: There are 4 sets of cat furniture protection mats to protect the furniture from damage. Moreover, the convenient screw pin fasteners are quick and easy to disconnect and can be reused.


Name: 4PCS Cat Scratching Guard
Material: PVC
Color: transparent
Size(about): 15*40cm/5.91*15.75in, 30*40cm/11.81*15.75in, 30*45cm/11.81*17.72in Weight(about): 100G; 198G; 220G
Function: Prevent cats from damaging furniture
Packing: Cartons 

Packing List:
4 * Cat Scratching Guard 20 * Nails 

- (Leather sofa) Suitable for leather sofas with the stickiness. The smoother the leather sofa is, the better it will be. It will not stick to the leather sofa and leave no glue. This model is a universal type, not only for sofas, but also for furniture such as table corners, corners, and enamel.
- (Cloth sofa) Suitable for cloth sofas. The guard is sticky and comes with 10 screws. Due to the poor adhesion of the fabric sofas, each box is equipped with a screw, which is firmer and does not leave pinholes.

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